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Illegal alien gang members charged with killing Texas teen with machete

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On Thursday, Cristian Alexander Zamora (aka "Pollo"), 22, and Ricardo Leonel Campos-Lara (aka "La Muerta"), 18, entered 'not guilty' pleas in U.S. District Court In Houston for the 2013 murder of a Klein Forest High School student. The accused are both in the country illegally, and both are members of the hyper-violent Latin American gang known as MS-13, according to the FBI.

On Sept. 23, 2013, the bloody body of 16-year-old Josael Guevara was discovered in Sam Houston National Forest. He had been hacked to death with a machete.

An anonymous call to the Walker County Sheriff's Office tipped off investigators to the location of the body, the Montgomery County Police Reporter stated.

Both Zamora and Campos-Lara, along with another gang member, Jose Bonilla-Romero, 17, were arrested the following month. All three have been charged with murder.

Zamora and Campos-Lara are currently being held by the U.S. Marshals Service.

A press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office states:

...they committed the murder of a 16-year-old male victim while in the Sam Houston National Forest. On Sept. 22, 2013, Zamora and Campos-Lara, both of El Salvador, allegedly aided and abetted each other in the murder by striking the victim with a bat and a machete.

As is so often the case, this murder would not have taken place if the federal government was doing their job of enforcing this country's immigration laws.

On July 25, 2011, Zamora was charged with driving without a license in Walker County. The Salvadoran national pleaded no contest to the charge, was fined $136 and released.

And, due to Obama administration policy, the carnage will only increase...

In 2012, though it had been his unofficial policy since taking office, President Obama formally ordered U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to cease detaining illegal aliens charged with only misdemeanor crimes.

The memo which was signed by then-ICE director John Morton, stated illegal aliens are now only eligible for deportation proceedings under the following conditions:

-the alien has previously been convicted of or charged with a felony;
-the alien has three or more prior misdemeanor convictions;
-driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance;
-unlawful flight from the scene of an accident;
-unlawful possession or use of a firearm or other deadly weapon;
-the distribution or trafficking of a controlled substance, or
other significant threat to public safety;
-the alien has been convicted of unlawful entry or has illegally reentered the U.S. after a previous removal or return;
-the alien has an outstanding order of removal;
-the alien has been found by an immigration officer or an immigration judge to have knowingly committed fraud;
-the alien otherwise poses a significant risk to national security, border security, or public safety.

Of course, ICE agents are no longer allowed to take illegal aliens into custody based only on their illegal status in this country, an additional crime must first be committed.