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Illegal alien and cop-killer Edgar Tamayo Arias executed in Texas

Yesterday John Kerry issued a statement in regard to the "Execution of Mexican National Edgar Arias Tamayo." His official concern was that "the United States had failed to provide consular notification and access to 51 Mexican nationals, including Mr. Tamayo, as required under the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR)" and that the "Department regrets Texas’ decision to proceed with Mr. Tamayo’s execution without that review and reconsideration..."

"It doesn't matter where you're from -- if you commit a despicable crime like this in Texas, you are subject to our state laws, including a fair trial by jury and the ultimate penalty," Lucy Nashed, a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Perry, said.
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Background information

On a January Sunday night/early a.m., 1994, Officer Guy Patrick Gaddis was flagged down by a citizen who reported that he had been robbed of a watch by two suspects at the Topaz Night Club. The officer reported in and requested other units to stand by with him at the Topaz. He got an immediate response from other officers.

Officer Gaddis was observed to have two suspects against a wall undergoing a search. After one of the suspects was searched, he (Jesus Zarco Mendoza) was handcuffed by an assisting officer. Gaddis then continued his search with Edgar Tamayo Arias and found the stolen watch. He then stopped the search and handcuffed Arias.

Both suspects were put in the back seat of Gaddis' patrol car, and then Gaddis proceeded to transport them to the Southeast Command Station.

While driving, Officer Gaddis was shot in the back of his head and neck three times by Arias using a concealed pistol. The car veered out of control at a high rate of speed until it crashed into a house, landing near the front door of the house. Gaddis was rushed to the nearest hospital where doctors pronounced him dead shortly thereafter.

"He was only twenty-four years old, leaving his pregnant wife Rosa behind.

Besides his wife, the officer was survived his parents, Mr. And Mrs. Edwin (Gayle) Gaddis of Brookside Village; brother Glenn and his wife Angela of Houston; brother Gary and nephew Justyn Gaddis of Brookside; his aunt Patsy Reeves of Shreveport; Uncle Charles Gottlick and wife Maureen of Scotch Plains, New Jersey; aunt Bernadette Lopez and husband George and uncle Russell Gottlick and wife Joyce." From "Fallen Officers Remembered: Guy Patrick Gaddis"

Scheduled Execution of Edgar Tamayo Arias

Mexican officials had petitioned the U.S. government on Tamayo's behalf. Rather ironic when you consider that Mexican officials show little concern for their people when at home. Mexican citizens are suffering in their own country, so much so that too many of them sneak into the U.S.

Kerry wrote to Texas officials months ago, nearly 20 years after the crime, to urge reconsideration of Tamayo's execution. He made it clear he has "no sympathy for anyone who would murder a police officer," but he believed the state’s handling of the case could make it harder for the State Department to negotiate treatment of Americans being held captive overseas. Source

Of course, one could consider another message being sent--that you risk execution should you come to America, legally or illegally, and kill a policeman (or anyone else) in Texas.

Governor Rick Perry responded to anti-execution pleas that Tamayo would not get any special privilege because of his country of origin.


Who plays by the rules, not Rick Perry: "Rick Perry's first priority is to the people of Texas. Unless the Supreme Court or other higher authority intervenes he is justified and within his authority. If Mexico doesn't like it, tough rocks. Tamayo was arrested by a police officer for a robbery he had just committed after being arrested Tamayo managed to keep his gun on him and use it to shoot the officer in the back of the head three times. He kicked out a back window of the police car and fled handcuffed. He was convicted.

Neither Rick Perry nor his constituents nor the slaughtered police officer are parties to the VCCR. Texas is its own State with its own elected Governor. As I said --- should the appeals process, the Supreme Court or other appropriate authority intervene that is that ... but as of this moment Perry is well within his authority to allow justice to take its course. I would say the same if some US Citizen was living illegally in a foreign nation, robbed a citizen of that nation at gunpoint and then shot three times in the head the citizen of that Nation who had the misfortune of being the arresting police officer...." Comments from "Brian"

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