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Ill puppy abandoned by owners inside of veterinary clinic exam room

Chance, the sickly pup
A to Z Veterinary clinic/Permian Basin

According to Monday's publication of the Permian Basin, a veterinary clinic in Midland, Texas, is caring for a sickly puppy who was abandoned by his owners in one of their exam rooms.

The five-month-old puppy, named "Chance," had been brought to the A to Z Veterinary Clinic for symptoms stemming from the deadly virus, Parvo. Unfortunately, when Chance's owners were given the estimate for their puppy's treatment, and indicated that treating him was beyond their means.

Yvette Minjarez, a veterinary technician at the facility, stated:

"I had already given the estimate, they had already told me they couldn't do it. So, I went back to try and get alternates 'cause we never wanna leave a dog in distress like that,"

When she returned, the owners were gone and the pup was sitting alone in the exam room.

It is not the end of the road for Chance - the veterinary staff is treating him, and he is showing signs of improvement.

Parvo is a highly contagious, often deadly virus which can be prevented with proper vaccinations. Click here to learn more.

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