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"il" Prosecco by Mionetto

A little something for Mother's or everyday.
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After reviewing the Mionetto Brut Prosecco in this space I was very eager to try their “il” Prosecco too. For those who think a Prosecco is just a Prosecco rest assured that is not the case here. The first thing you will notice is the bottle closure, not a cork, not a screw cap, but a crown cap like a bottle of beer or soft drink, hmmm. What might lurk beneath?

What I found was a very, very pale straw color with a steady stream of Prosecco’s traditional small bubbles that carried the aroma of apple, pear and peach up to the nose. What I didn’t find was the expected tropical fruit; instead there was a continuation of the apple and peach found in the bouquet. The finish had a touch of citrus and a fizzy, zingy clean acidity that made me want to dive back into the glass and taste again. This not a dry wine like the Brut, but an approachable and friendly wine that has a sense of sweetness about it and that sweetness complements the fruitiness adding another touch point in the mouth.

Very drinkable on its own or with a light meal, consider something with a little saltiness to balance the sweetness in this wine, shellfish, caviar or the widely available lumpfish substitute would be interesting, as would the traditional strawberry and light cheese combination. Either way once you get past the unusual bottle cap this wine shines.

Unlike the Mionetto Brut Prosecco I haven’t seen the “il” Prosecco in my local grocery aisle; however, it is available in local wine stores at a very reasonable price of a little over $10. At that price it is in the lower range for Prosecco these days, but that doesn’t mean it is lower quality, just that it is a good value. The “il” Prosecco is a complete sensory experience, from the visual bubbles to the blended fruit nose to a taste that hits on all parts of the palate. For those who don’t like a dry sparkling wine this is must buy and try, a great bang for the buck and when all is said and done Mom will love this wine on her day or any other, for that matter so will you.

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