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IL Governor, legislative leaders' rumored deal would bring right-to-carry to Illinois


  • Tim 6 years ago

    Lordy, Don. Please tell me this isn't some cruel April Fools hoax. I have to say it sounds almost too sensible and good to be true.

  • Leorick 6 years ago

    I freaking Hate April Fools day! Why not Call it "Lie through your teeth and get away with it day!"

  • TimB 6 years ago

    You are about the meanest man I know of right now!!!!

    Well done, had me goin' for a minute.

  • Ron Plainfield 6 years ago

    Had me going until I realized what day it was. It will be a cold day in hell when the folks he mentioned allow a concealed carry law to pass. Too bad to.

  • Bruce B. 6 years ago

    Don, you SOB!! :-) I realized that it was April Fools Day when I started reading. I was almost believing this and you shouldn't tease us like this.

  • Gaviota 6 years ago

    Uh-huh. Somebody's yanking yer chain. There ain't no way.

  • Chicago Gun Rights Examiner 6 years ago

    Gaviota, check the date. ;)

  • Greg 6 years ago

    This was to mean, you lost me as a reader. bye

  • Chicago Gun Rights Examiner 6 years ago

    I don't like to lose readers, but if we reach the point where we can't make a joke about Illinois politics, we're in trouble, folks.

    If you're not going to be reading me anymore, and you're not already a St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner reader, you might want to check it out. STLGRE covers a lot of Illinois issues.

  • xbaltzx 6 years ago

    Well done Don. Thanks for keeping this topic interesting.

  • Naji D 6 years ago

    Hello Mr. Don Gwinn

    I am the Chicago African American issues examiner and I just posted a few articles detailing the bizarre gun laws in the city of Chicago and the state of Illinois.

    Since you're the guns rights examiner. I was wondering if you could go through my articles and let me know if there is anything I misstated in both of my newest articles concerning Chicago, Illinois' Gun restrictions.

    "Chicago and guns" and "My opinion on Chicago gun laws"

    I'm new to this issue so I'm only breaking down the basic facts. I only just found out how anti gun and anti 2nd Amendment Chicago really is. So if you want to put your opinion or any extra information that I could have put into it, your welcome to.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    Its sad that the people of Chicago would wake up and smell the crap the chicago politician are forcing down their throats. Its the criminals in the political offie in and around the mayors office and house and senators. The Mayor of Chicago should stay out of the rest of the state. The people of congress that vote for the second amendment and the right to carry should be voted out of office along with Obama. And people like Emanuael, Soros, and other like them should be voted out. The ex-mayor of Chicago should hire his own body guards and they need to be un-arm as they would not be able to conceal and carry. all thses people are hypocrites and anti-american

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    in the above comment it should read the people of congress that vote for ,its should read that vote against the sencond amendment should be voted out of office along withMadigan and atty general Madigan

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