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Iko-Iko brings the gris-gris to Hollywood Beach Mardi Gras-Gras

If it's Mardi Gras, there must be a party on Hollywood Beach, and if there's a party on Hollywood Beach, Iko-Iko must be there.

Few things in South Florida are more dependable than a Fat Tuesday Boardwalk gumbo and gris-gris throwdown, and no acts more likely to take the stage anywhere in SoFla than Grant Wood Drout's institution of funky blues and grooving rock.

Fresh from their appearance on Saturday's chilly stage at the Riverwalk Blues and Music Festival along the river in Ft. Lauderdale, Iko-Iko will be warming up the crowd the with a bowlful of New Orleans, mixed with  slabs of Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, and spiced with the mess of rootsy ingredients that produces songs such as "Jalapeno Be Thy Name"  and "(I Never Had) An American Dream" in a concoction that Drout calls "swampadelic."

Drout's long-time collaborator John Wenzel will  tear up the six string, and they will be joined by Mitch Mestel on bass, Ron Taylor on keys, and Daniel East on the drums.

Headlining the holiday show will be another performer with both New Orleans and South Florida ties,  Marcel Anton and the Healers, who mix the blues with a bit of world music in a souful stew.

The show starts at 6:30 on the Broadwalk at Johnson Street in Hollywood.


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