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IKEA will raise its minimum wage from $9.17 to $10.76

People who work at IKEA will soon be getting pay increase.

IKEA will raise its minimum hourly wage from $9.17 to $10.76 for all U.S. store employees. In South Florida, there are IKEA stores in Sunrise and Miami and about 700 hourly employees, according to a local store manager, Selwyn Crittendon in an article by Marcia Heroux Pounds in the June 28 Sun Sentinel.

This comes at a time when many lower wage employees are demanding higher wages. Many people have demonstrated at fast food outlets like McDonalds around the nation asking for more money. Many lower wage employees believe they deserve more money for working hard. Others say they need more money to keep up with inflation and basic life expenses like rent, food, utilities and transportation costs.

"I really think employers need to be paying more to their workers. It is only fair because people who work at fast food counters or cleaning tables work just as hard or harder than higher ranking employees," said Marilyn Coleman, who works as a waitress.

"Companies need to step up and offer higher salaries to all their workers. If not for people who work hard everyday, these companies will not thrive and make as much money for owners, investors and senior managers. Lower wage workers deserve better pay and better treatment," said Ronald Boyd, who works at a grocery store.

"I think it time that companies start to pay their workers better. Just because somebody does not have a high position does not mean they deserved to be treated badly. I know what it is like to try to pay for food, rent and utilities on a low salary. It hard and frustrating," said Jorge Gonzalez, who works in construction.

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