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Ikea's 'weapon free' backtracking for 'Only Ones' makes things worse, not better

But fear not--the 'Only Ones' can be armed
Photo © Oleg Volk. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Retail furniture giant Ikea caused waves last Friday, when an off-duty but uniformed police chief shopping with his daughter at Ikea's College Park, Maryland location was told he must either remove his firearm from the store, in accordance with their "weapons free" policy, or leave the store altogether. He chose the latter option, and according to NBC, was not happy about it:

Neither of those options seemed a good one to the officer.

"It isn't the most prudent thing to do to walk around the store in uniform with an empty holster," Goldberg said. "And I am not going to lock my gun in a commercial parking lot, with people watching me put it in there. That's just ludicrous."

Ludicrous indeed, but one wonders if a Maryland police chief would have found it so ludicrous for a non-"Only One" to be similarly disarmed. The surprising--and somewhat disappointing--aspect of this is that judging by some gun rights advocates' Facebook posts, Ikea's actions were more offensive than other establishments' "gun free zone" endeavors, by virtue of the fact that they dared disarm an "Only One."

This correspondent would argue, on the other hand, that Ikea's willingness to be consistent, and apply its "disarmed victim zone" rules to everyone, even those bedecked in the trappings of government authority, is the one thing they got right. Well, except for the fact that it didn't last:

We regret that there was a misunderstanding of our weapon policy in our College Park Store. Our weapon policy does not apply to law enforcement officers. We are taking steps to ensure that this is clear for all our co-workers.

Ah--should have known. National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea has some cutting commentary about that.

The NBC article also reports that by Monday, at least three openly armed officers were seen at the store at lunchtime. Funny--the Demanding Moms don't seem to be in a rage about that open carry rally.


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