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Ike Taylor: Richard Sherman is not the best cornerback in NFL

The backlash Richard Sherman has received for boasting that he’s the best cornerback took another turn on Thursday. According, Steelers’ cornerback Ike Taylor spoke with Pete Prisco and stated that Richard Sherman can’t be the best corner in the league.

Richard Sherman takes command of every audience
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

According to Ike Taylor, Sherman doesn’t match up with the best receivers on every play, therefore, the Seattle superstar has no claim to the throne.

Ike doesn’t disputes Sherman’s stats in the first three years of his career, but it sounds like Taylor is not respecting Richard Sherman’s game at all. Here’s an excerpt of the interview via - If you want to talk about being the best corner, you have to match up against the best receiver every game. For years in and years out. Not just one year but pretty much for your entire career. I've matched up since '05 and this is 2014. So until he can match up and play the team's top receiver week in and week out.

Maybe Ike Taylor wants Richard Sherman to humble himself, but that doesn’t really do anybody any good. While you may agree with this notion, whether Sherman talks or not won’t negatively impact his game. There are plenty of quiet players that haven’t had success, so showing false humility is more superstitious than anything. However, not playing with confidence is the first step to being out of the league.

There’s no doubt that a large majority of the nation wants Peyton Manning's "ducks" to torch Richard Sherman. Now we know, Ike Taylor and Collin Kaepernick have jumped on board the "hate Richard Sherman” bandwagon.

Let’s hope the captivated audience gets what they want to see on Sunday. If Sherman matches up with the Broncos' best wide receiver, it should be a tremendous match up.


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