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IHOP offers free pancakes on National Pancake Day; 5 celebrity pancake photos

Katherine Kalnes makes some remarkable celebrity pancakes
Katherine Kalnes makes some remarkable celebrity pancakes
Katherine Kalnes/photo

IHOP is offering a plate of free pancakes on National Pancake Day. The annual tradition will have people lining up around the country in front of IHOP restaurants for a free order of short stack pancakes and help raise money for charity. According to Carolina Coast Online on Thursday, the company is hoping to raise more than $3 million for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Believe it or not there is an IHOP in Hollywood. A place where locals stop by for breakfast or maybe tourists drop in for food. The location of this restaurant is only a couple of blocks from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and there isn't any doubt this restaurant will be part of the nationwide campaign.

Wouldn't it be cool if pancakes looked like famous celebrities? In Hollywood, where the Oscars are held and visitors come from every part of the world to see stars, there could be pancakes looking like famous folks in the movies.

The idea has been done before (not by IHOP but a culinary artist) and it offers quite an interesting depth to the food that typically is covered in butter and syrup.

Of course the free pancakes offered at IHOP will be round and fluffy so fans can’t complain when they show up on March 4th to enjoy the food. However, take a look at the photo slideshow of a few wonderful star portrait pancakes. Maybe when there isn't too much of a hurry a couple of pancakes like these can be seen in Hollywood.