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iGuardian - The Home Internet Security System


iGuardian - The Home Internet Security System
Almost every day you can read headlines about cyber-attacks or online threats. Cybercriminals are constantly improving their attack methods to become more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Everyone knows to be careful when clicking on links in emails or opening files. Unfortunately, that is no longer enough. Today, even visiting seemingly safe websites can infect your computer.

For the most part, businesses have figured out how to protect themselves from these new and evolving types of threats. They deploy specialized and expensive firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. But average families and consumers have neither the resources nor the expertise to set up similar network protection for their home Internet or their smart home devices.
At the same time, consumers today more than ever need an affordable and comprehensive Internet security system designed to stop the advanced threats attacking their networks and the growing number of connected devices they have in their homes,
To protect their home network and connected devices, consumers today have two choices: use antivirus or rely on their router. Antivirus only catches threats once they already are on a device. It is also often ineffective against modern malware. Wireless routers rely on outdated protection and are built to be cheap – not secure. In addition, smart home devices connected to the network, like TV/Cable boxes, network storage, VoIP adapters, video game systems, streaming media consoles, thermostats, smoke detectors, security cameras, lights, refrigerators etc. open up even more opportunities for cybercriminals to breach your home network.
Itus Networks believes all families deserve peace of mind that the devices connected to their home network are secure and protected 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. They bring families best-in-class threat prevention for their home Internet connection at affordable prices. Our network security systems are specially designed to block cyber attacks while filtering out malware and other undesirable content. Installation requires 5-Minutes and zero configuration or technical knowledge. The iGuardian is designed for home Internet users who want peace of mind when using the Internet, but don’t want to deal with complex configuration, technical details or costly business-solutions.
Target Specifications for Kickstarter Edition iGuardian:
- 2x 1.0 GHz MIPS64 (Cavium Octeon III 7020)
- 1Gb DDR3 RAM
- 3x GbE Interfaces
- 1x RJ45 Serial Console
- 64MB Flash
- SD Card Slot

What is the iGuardian?
The iGuardian is an embedded Linux system based on OpenWRT and runs Snort as an in-line intrusion prevention system. It has been designed and optimized for easy installation and provides advanced threat prevention against a wide variety of attacks. The iGuardian protects your connected devices from Internet threats with a reliable, simple and affordable solution.
The iGuardian protects you against a wide range of threats, including viruses, phishing scams, malicious websites, java, browser, and file exploits, drive-by-downloads, watering-hole attacks, botnets, data-theft, remote access Trojans and key-loggers.

How does iGuardian work?
The iGuardian inspects all traffic coming in and going out of your home network looking for patterns of known attacks. As traffic enters the network it is first intercepted and processed by the iGuardian before being forwarded to its final destination. The iGuardian utilizes Snort as an in-line intrusion prevention system to intercept, decode, normalized, then process packets flowing through the network. The packet data (or payload) is compared against a list of known attack patterns (or rules), if a match is found, the offending packets are dropped and the connection is reset thus preventing the attack from ever reaching it's intended target. By default, the iGuardian utilizes rules in 'Reject' mode.

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