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iGrill2 can help you avoid food preparation disasters this grilling season

The iGrill2 will make sure your summer BBQ is perfect
The iGrill2 will make sure your summer BBQ is perfect
Photo Courtesy of iGrill

Without giving much thought to it, we all spend a great deal of time cooking outdoors in the summer and into the fall. Each year, eaters around the country take ill due to food borne illness.

Did you know there is a gadget that can help?

It's the iGrill2 and it has been in a recent segment of The Lempert Report Innovation Series. This is innovation in the food world and is sponsored by Tetra Pak. The series of videos are located online at The Lempert Report's Youtube Channel and also on Tetra Pak's consumer Web site

What can the iGrill2 do for you?

It may look like a regular thermometer, but it really is a wireless Bluetooth Smart thermometer that alerts and informs the cook when their food reaches the correct temperature right on their mobile device. It pairs with your phone through the iGrill app and gives the real time temperature and it mounts easily on your grill.

"It's especially important to take extra precautions when preparing perishable foods such as meat and poultry," says Phil Lempert, CEO and editor of The Lempert Report. "Warm weather provides a perfect environment for bacteria in food to multiply rapidly and cause food borne illness."

In addition to using the iGrill2, The Lempert Report puts forth these cookout tips:

Preheat the coals on your grill for 20 minutes;
Don't use the raw food marinade on cooked foods;
Clean your utensils after it touches the cooking food; and
Don't put cooked food on the same plate that held the raw food.

There is nothing worse than serving meet that isn't cooked properly and to the desired temperature.

The iGrill2 can solve all of your grilling issues.

The iGrill2 is priced at $99.99 and will be available through iDevices at

See more on The Lempert Report at

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