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Ignore No More App locks up the smart phones of unresponsive kids

Smart phone in operation
Smart phone in operation
Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

Modern communications technology have provided both opportunities and frustrations for modern families. On the one hand parents can give smart phones to their kids in the expectation that they can get in touch with them at all times. On the other hand that doesn’t mean that the kids will pick up when mom or dad calls. A frustrated mom named Sharon Standifird has developed at app that is designed to get unresponsive kids’ attention, according to a Friday story on CBS. But Gizmodo adds that it is not a perfect solution.

The app is called Ignore No More. If a parent decides that his or her kids are ditching their calls, he or she can activate the app, locking up the kid’s smartphone. The kid will only be able to call a preselected list of contacts, including mom and or dad who can then unlock the phone with a password or not as chosen, or 911 in case of an emergency.

Young people tend to regard their electronic devices in the same way that a person with a respiratory ailment regards their oxygen. Take the ability to call and text their friends and surf the net from them, and it would seem like the end of the world to them. They will have to call up their parents to beg for mercy or else resign themselves to living in 1995 insofar as technology goes.

Of course tech savvy teens could try to find a way around the Ignore No More App. They could, for example, try unchecking Ignore No More under Device Administrators in Settings. And if the parental unit has been lax in changing passwords, the app can be ditched that way as well. Otherwise it is best to pick up when mom or dad calls, or else face the consequences.

The Ignore No More app is available only for Android Phones (for now) on Google Play