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'Ignore No More' app forces kids to call home: Helicopter parenting at its best?

"Ignore No More," is a new app that paralyzes your kid’s phones until they call you back, and it sounds like it could be a nightmare in the hands of a jealous spouse. For parents of teens, it could be a godsend if this is your type of parenting. Folks with teenagers know what it is like when their kids ignore their phone calls and text messages, but now they have a weapon to do battle with their child’s stubbornness, "Ignore No More." According to Forbes on Aug. 20, a fed-up mom in Texas fired back with the creation of this app!

Ignore No More app: Will it be only used for kids or will jealous mates find a way to abuse it?
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Just 10 years ago kids weren’t equipped with cell phones, unless you were rich and famous. What did parents do then? They could wait until their son or daughter got home to talk with them or visit with them or call all over town for them. Remember the days when kids abused a privilege it was simply taken away from them for a short time as a consequence? Was that such a hard way to get your point across as a parent?

Why do you need an app to do that today? This app lets you render your kid’s phone useless, so why not just take it away for a short time? It is just as useless out of their hands as it is in their hands with an app deployed. Is this where the helicopter parenting strategy is taking parents today?

Why not have a collection of apps to deliver consequences to your kids? Soon parents won’t have to converse with their kids, just flip an app! When it all boils down, it sounds like the parents can use an app on how to teach their kids to respect their parents.

According to Huffington Post today, this “Ignore No More”app was born out of the angst of a mother of teens, who couldn’t get her kids to call or text her back. Sharon Standifird researched how to develop an app that would allow her as the parent to shut her kids’ cell phones down until they returned her call.

It is very simple to use, much easier than actually having a conversation with your child and taking their phone away for a day or two. You just flip a switch and it says it all. To deploy this "Ignore No More" app if your child doesn’t return your calls you use a password that only you have to shut the phone down. The child can’t call out, get calls coming in, text message, surf the web, play games or anything else they do with their cell phone until they call you.

The child can still call 911, but that is the only number besides home that the kid can call until the ban is lifted. When the kid calls home the parent gives them the password to lift the ban off the phone so it will work again, according to MSN News.

Standifird’s son talked to the media and he said that he thinks it is a good idea, but not for him. But mom is using it and she says it is working. Her kids now call her back quicker than before because if they don’t they know the consequences. If that phone is shut down by the "Ignore No More app," their kids can only do two things with it. Call home or call 911. Other than that it is useless.

This new app is already bringing up controversy from critics who see the potential for abuse, especially in the hands of a jealous partner. Others say that the computer savvy teens of today will figure their way around this app rendering it useless to some parents. Then there are still others who don't understand why an app should take the place of old-fashioned consequences.

As for who will have control over putting this app on the child’s phone, that won’t just be anyone. The parent and the child have to be paired as a child and a parent on the account so that the app will work. That could be easy to get around for a determined spouse or mate. They could open up a new account for phones as a parent and a child.

Is this what the world is coming to? No more conversations, no words of reprimand, just hit send and your kid is punished, is this how parents see good parenting for the digital age?

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