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Ignorant Americans believe Obama's propaganda impugning the TEA Party

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Conservatives have taken the brunt of Obama’s scapegoating blame game. He has successfully duped ignorant Americans into believing conservatism and the TEA Party are the cause of their ills. This is so reminiscent of 1930s Germany that the resemblance cannot be missed, but ignorant people know about as much of Hitler’s rise to power as they know of what the Speaker of the House does.

Here are a number of falsehoods that most people believe about the TEA Party;

“TEA Party people are racists who don't like seeing a black man in the White House.”

Liberals say the TEA Party is the new KKK and their only objection to Obama is that he is black because they are racists. If there were any truth to that, then the TEA Party would have been formed during the election and not after Obama signed his first trillion dollar deficit budget. If there were any truth to that, then men like business genius Herman Cain, noble warrior Col. Allen West, and brilliant neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson would not only be incapable of being favorites, but would not be allowed to be members of the TEA Party.

“The TEA Party shutdown the government and hurt the economy.”

The last federal budget signed into law was the Bush budget for 2009 that was signed by Obama. For fiscal years 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 no federal budget was signed into law, while Obama and the Democrat Senate illegally continued running up trillion dollar deficits without publishing to the people where they were spending that money. Following the sequester cuts in 2013 that reduced the federal deficit by a fraction, Obama decided to force Republicans to sign on to his deficits to fund ObamaCare.

Conservatives of the TEA Party would have none of it and drafted a budget without funding Obama’s tax monster. There was no reason for Obama to not ignore them and continue running the government without a budget, but ObamaCare was rolling out and he needed a distraction from what he knew was coming. As millions were having their insurance policies cancelled and no one was able to use what should have been an easily prepared simple website, Obama shut down the government and blamed the TEA Party.

Storm the Barrycades

It wasn’t a full shut down, but a 30% shut down of the most essential services like military pay and Social Security checks that would hurt the people the most while congressional aides continued collecting their paychecks. To add insult to injury, he closed national parks and erected barricades around monuments on the National Mall where it was TEA Party members that went to the aid of WWII veterans to thrown down the barricades so they could tour their memorial. But the liberal media drowned out their voices and blamed them for the shut down and millions of people bought it. TEA Party approval fell from 33% to 20%.

“Rightwing extremists of the TEA Party are hateful, irrational, and refuse to compromise with reasonable people in government.”

The so-called “rightwing extremists” are people who believe that government should serve the people and not tax them to excess as they are “taxed enough already.” These “extremists” believe government taking money from one person and giving it to someone else is nothing less than legalized theft. These “extremists” believe the government should operate on a balanced budget through taxes only for what is necessary to protect the people from foreign enemies and domestic criminals. These “extremists” believe the tax code should be fair and equitable and not twisted to give allow those in government to give tax credits or loopholes to their friends and penalties against their political enemies.

When the righteous become “extremists,” then you know that America has degenerated into a nation where the greedy rule. The Left believes that money is the root of evil, while the Right knows that it is the love of money that is the root of evil. Making a profit is not greedy businessmen stealing from people, but the most basic of economic necessities for business to have enough money to grow and create more jobs.