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Iggy Pop and The Virgins Get Shady

Ray Bans Yellow Banded  Wayfarer Shades
Ray Bans Yellow Banded Wayfarer Shades

For those of you "cool" enough to score exclusive
tickets to the Ray Ban Concert last night, you ROCK!
The Ray Ban event was used to introduce the new cool line
of rocker-chic inspired shades. Featuring cool artists such as
Iggy Pop, The Virgins, and The Stooges, this event was a fashion
catalyst for celebrating all that's rocker chic and shady.

These new Ray Ban designs are a take on the vintage collection
starting out in '37, which were designed for aviators.
Today's modern upgrade includes eclectic neon-esque color
schemes, hard candy lacquered frames in fuchsia, icy blues,
and the lenses even included "rock graffiti" written to the tune
of freshly painted red lips, and Ray-ban painted across the lenses.
These might be have more swagger than Kanye's shades?

Even the Band's The Virgins and Plasticines designed their own
specs for the performances. All of which, are not for sale.
But, have no fear ladies and gents, you can check out the new line
at your local Nordstrom's and Ray Bans.

Sure to be the showstopper at any venue; catch the eye
of that hot barista you've been ordering around for months, or
be the "it girl" at the next art show. Ray Bans are here to stay.
Shade on. Nordstroms and Ray Bans are both open in Midtown/Buckhead Atlanta.

Shop Defensively. Shop Uniquely.


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