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Iggy Azalea stuns at the Video Music Awards

It is August 24, the date of the highly coveted MTV Music Awards. Iggy Azalea has made an early arrival onto the red carpet and has turned many heads by her stunning, yet fancy ensemble. Draped in a silver Versace gown with elegantly embroidered bodice, fans and reporters temporarily neglect the news of her unfortunate fall off a stage at a pre-VMA party the previous night.

Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The MTV Music Awards is set to highlight the best artists in their genre, so it will be an interesting competition between Iggy Azalea and the reigning power house, Nicki Minaj in the Best Female Hip Hop category. There have been rumors that the two rappers are not friends, and Nicki subtly insulted her while making an acceptance speech. Although Nicki has gone on record stating that she was not specifically addressing Iggy, rumors are still running rampant that there is a bitter rivalry among the two female rappers.

Additionally, in the Best Female Video of the year, Iggy is competing with Beyonce, which will end as everything ends when another artists competes with the Queen. Iggy should be honored to be nominated in a category with the one of the best female artists on this planet.

Iggy stumbled onto the rap scene with a #1 Hit "Fancy" on the Billboard Charts, and she has worked with some of the popular hit makers in the business such as Ariana Grande, and T.I. Her nomination for Best Rap Video will be something to recon with during the awards show airing tonight. Stay tuned for more developments in this story.

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