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Iggy Azalea releases video for 'Black Widow' featuring Rita Ora

A couple of hours ago, Iggy Azalea released her video for her third single off of her album, The New Classic, titled "Black Widow". The song features Roc Nation R&B singer Rita Ora.

After the incredible success of Azalea’s song "Fancy", there are a lot of questions if Azalea has the actual talent to pull the success off again, or was "Fancy" part of her fifteen minutes of fame? Azalea has faced judgements from fellow female rapper Nicki Minaj about the originality of her lyrics, so the next moves that Azalea makes play a huge role in which direction her career is headed.

There is no question that the song "Black Widow" is a hit. The hook that Ora sings is catchy and the subject matter of the song is all about female empowerment. The ladies will love this song. The song is rumored to actually be aboutAzalea’s ex-boyfriend, A$AP Rocky. The song will get air play on the radio for surem but will it be as big as "Fancy"?

The theme of the music video for "Black Widow" is inspired by the "Kill Bill" movies. Azalea and Ora plan their revenge on a disrespectful, controlling boss. They both wear skin tight body suits and suddenly have ninja moves and long swords. The video coincides with the female empowerment concept.

What is disappointing about the video is that there is not one single shot of Azalea rapping. There are some shots of Ora singing the hook though. The video is more focused on the theme of "Kill Bill" than the actual performance of the song itself. This seems to be a theme in Azalea’s videos. In "Fancy", the inspiration of her video was taken from the film "Clueless", and in her song "Bounce" the theme was Bollywood.

Iggy has stated on the "Today" show that she will be performing "Black Widow" at the MTV VMAs on Aug. 24.

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