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Iggy Azalea endures issues singing ‘Fancy’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (video)

Iggy Azalea probably was pretty upset after the “Dancing With the Stars” finale on Tuesday night. The featured guest was singing “Fancy” with Charlie XCX when she ran into technical issues. While anyone would have freaked out, the artist announced she was having trouble, stopped and restarted. The move definitely had the respect of the fans watching the show as the moment couldn't have been easy. According to PopCrush on Tuesday, the rapper might have had problems, but she pulled off a good performance during the show.

Iggy Azalea
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The popular blonde rapper wore a yellow plaid dress with a full skirt and she started her segment coming down a large staircase. She was looking like quite the queen and once she got her sound issue resolved (she took out the earpiece,) she danced her way around the stage and took control of the stage.

The overwhelming ending made most people forget about the difficult start, but some viewers still wondered what was happening on stage. There have only been a few mishaps over the years and Tuesday’s show was plagued with problems. Of course the crowning of the new winner went off without a hitch and that probably was the most important part.

One of several performances of the “Dancing With the Stars” finale, she wasn't the only artist who had issues during the evening performance. Amber Riley’s performance was cut off too. According to Hollywood Life, the show came back from a commercial break as the entertainer was performing “Color Blind” and fans didn't get to see the entire segment of the song. The moment was strange but the fans did get to see the entire performance of “Do Your Thing.”

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