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IgG 2000 provides immunity in a bottle

IgG 2000 can keep your body and immune system in peak performance this winter
IgG 2000 can keep your body and immune system in peak performance this winter

Immunoglobulins are the antibodies your immune system uses to clear viruses, bacteria and fungi out of your body so you can stay healthy and fit. Factors like stress, illness and age can reduce your supply of immunoglobulins, which allows germs and inflammation to make you sick.

An oral supplement of Immunoglobulin G (IgG) replenishes the supply of antibodies in your G.I. Tract to strengthen your overall immune system. IgG 2000 DF made by Xymogen is available from health care professionals in the Denver area.

Carol LeCroy of Acupuncture Plus on 9th and Logan says IgG has been a miraculous addition to her natural medicine pharmacy.

"Take four capsules per day and up to eight if symptoms appear," she advises.

IgG 2000 should be taken with food for maximum absorption since traditionally humans received an Immunoglobulin boost from milk. However, today's pasteurization process destroys many of the health benefits of dairy.

Besides a stronger immune system, IgG 2000 also helps tone the intestines and reduce gastric inflammation. This is similar to the benefits of probiotics. This action prevents bacteria and waste from entering the blood steam and wreaking havoc on your immune system.

 Immunoglobulins also contain growth factors that help support nerve and tissue growth. Adding IgG 2000 to your supplement routine can help prepare your body for strenuous physical activity. Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding are a drain on your immune system. So before you hit the slopes this weekend, take some time to fortify your muscles and immune system with IgG 2000.