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IGFA Fishing Hall Of Fame announces new inductees


Sportfishing accomplishments are made by more than the greatest fishing catch alone. The most outstanding individuals are the one who have tremendously added to the sport of fishing. For their major impacts and significant contributions to the world of fishing one big game fishing family, one big game fishing couple who contributed to scientific research and three sportsmen IGFA will induct into the Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum in Dania Beach, Florida on October 28, 2014.

Tickets to the 16th Annual Fishing Hall of Fame induction are $225 a table

These amazing anglers will join the Hall and be honored along the 100 or more current members.

Eugenie and Lou Marron, members of the Brielle Marlin and Tuna Club and the Miami Beach Rod and Reel Club. The Marrons were world travelers always in search of the new location to find record game fish. The two set many world records which include two longstanding world records. Eugenie still holds the women’s world record for the heaviest 772-pound swordfish, an 80-pound record since 1954. Lou 1,182-pound all tackle record swordfish was caught in 1953. They made generous contributions to scientific research for billfish and Humboldt Current studies done through the University of Miami. Eugenie and Lou also collected giant squid for an MIT study of their nervous systems. Eugenie is known for the two books she authored, “Albacora,” and “The Search for the Giant Broadbill” in 1952.

Jerry McKinnis, one of the most influential people in the fishing industry, he is known for his famous pioneering efforts for ESPN, he is well-known for his work in the fishing industry. In his younger days he got started as a guide in Arkansas, then by doing a fishing television show that ended up going regional and then national called “The Fishin’ Hole.” In 1979 the show went to cable when ESPN launched and JM Productions introduced, “ESPN Outdoorswhich aired on Saturday morning. In 2011 McKinnis and two partners stepped up to purchase B.A.S.S. from ESPN and guided the bass fishing tournament circuit to its now model success.

Hank Parker, well know professional bass angler, he was the first to win the Grand Slam: Bassmaster Classic, Angler of the Year, B.A.S.S. SuperBass Tournament. Parker fished in the money 76-percent of the tournaments he fished in. He was inducted in the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame in 2003 and Legends of the Outdoors Hall of Fame in 2006. In 1985 he launched, “Hank Parker’s Outdoor Magazine.”

Al Pflueger Jr., setting endless records, known among saltwater anglers for being the one to beat. Appeared numerous times on Curt Gowdy’s American Sportsman TV Show and began an artificial reef program for Miami beach. Pflueger Taxidermy, well-known family business in Akron, Ohio founded in 1925. Al developed the new method using fiberglass in fishing taxidermy took the business worldwide by 1962 Al took the company over for his father and grew the business to more than 200 employees.

The Schmidt family, big time big game fishing pioneers. Their fame began in Panama and the Canal Zone. Pop and his sons John, Louis Jr., were equally as passionate and worked as guides and as a family team on the Caiman II. The family were founders of the Panama Pacific Sailfish Club and Panama Marlin Club. Louis Jr. caught the first black marlin grander in Panama and the second marlin in canal waters. The family contributions: bridled baiting of live tuna for marlin with Webster Robinson, in the fifties they developed the first downrigger, and discover “Pinas Reef in Pinas Bay, Panama.

Visit the IGFA Hall of Fame and check out the inspiring biographies of the honorees. To reserve your seats for the 2014 IGFA Hall of Fame induction ceremony contact Marissa Mackel at 954-924-4236 or email

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