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Iger confirms that Star Wars is coming to Disney parks, hints at 2015 revelation

Disney CEO Bob Iger finally confirmed what Star Wars fans have been dreaming of ever since the entertainment behemoth purchased the franchise from George Lucas: more Star Wars is coming to the Disney parks. Walt Disney World already has Star Tours and the Jedi Training Academy interactive show at Disney's Hollywood Studios, but the six movie franchise, with more big screen adventures already set to come, has almost limitless potential to spawn theme park attractions.

In a conference call on August 5th to talk about the company's quarterly results, Iger said that Disney is "developing designs for a far greater Star Wars presence in the parks." That was just a little teaser, but he said that more detailed plans should be revealed next year.

In addition to Star Tours and the Jedi Training Academy, Disney's Hollywood Studios also features other Star Wars-based special events, like the wildly popular annual Star Wars Weekends and a limited-time breakfast with characters from the movies and Disney characters dressed in Star Wars garb at two of the park's restaurants. For highlights of the breakfast at the Sci-Fi Drive In featuring Darth Vader and Greedo, jump to this article. To see the cute themed food that was served at the special meals, go here. The Sci-Fi big screen featured various fun Star Wars-related clips, including an infamous special that is well known to Star Wars fans, even though George Lucas himself has made it known that he'd rather forget it. Jump here to read more about that.

Disney's Hollywood Studios had a big blow-out celebration featuring George Lucas and Anthony Daniels when it opened the revamped Star Tours in 2011. Click the video accompanying this article to see the ceremony and use your imagination on what might be just around the corner if Iger's hints become reality and we see a full blown Star Wars Land at the park.

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