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IGDA says the number of women in the industry is on the rise

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While women have yet to match their male counterparts in numbers according to the International Game Developer Association (affectionately known as IGDA) the number of women in the industry has grown 11.5 percent since 2009. Men now make up 76% of the industry, 2% make up the individuals who identify themselves as transgender or other. Men definitely still dominate the industry, but the number of women is definitely on the rise.

Developer satisfaction survey released

The IGDA also released some other interesting facts. Less than 50% of the industry earns $50,000 a year, while 19% earn more than $100,000 annually. Most respondents are on salary, 66% while 10% are paid by the hour and another 4% are paid per deliverable.

The respondents seem to change employers often. On average the respondents worked for four different employers within the last five years. Even more surprising one-quarter of respondents were unsure if their job would be around next month. Many were not confident that they could find a similar job within the industry at this point without having to relocate.

Interesting enough when asked what gave the public a negative view of the industry the top response was "working conditions", "sexism in gaming" was a close second and the third top response was video games "perceived link to violence". Many also believe "sexism in the industry" to cause image problem for the industry.

In 2009 respondents reported that they have to spend more time on projects than their employers expect, 38% of them do so without compensation. On average, respondents have been in the industry for 9 years, having worked on 16 projects. When they do leave the industry they do so to find "a better quality of life". Despite the crunch time 61% of those surveyed claim they plan to work in the field indefinitely.

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