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IGDA: Dr. Tim Langdell's day in court set


Dr. Tim Langdell

Judgment day for Dr. Tim Langdell's future on the International Game Developers Association board is set - October 3rd. The IDGA board just announced that during the month of September that the membership will be able to vote to:

a) vote to retain Dr. Langdell for the remainder of his elected term,

b) vote to conclude his term early (as of 3 Oct 2009), or

c) abstain.

The IGDA made the decision to use an electronic proxy ballot for voting. More information will be provided in September about the actual voting mechanics.

There is the necessity of actually having a physical meeting that will be held on October 3rd at the IGDA headquarters in New Jersey, but the only expected agenda item is the reporting of the results from the balloting. Information about the physical address can be found in the announcement on the IGDA website.

For more info: Check out the IGDA website.