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IGDA: Dr. Tim Langdell resigns from board of directors

Dr. Tim Langdell
Dr. Tim Langdell

In a surprising move, Dr. Tim Langdell has decided to resign from the board of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) rather than face the results of the special meeting scheduled for October 3rd. He had been the focus of scrutiny by many members of the IGDA over the past several weeks and a special meeting had been called to address the concerns. His resignation opens his position for election in 2010.

The move caps off a fascinating month for the organization. Numerous members had been weighing in on the topic and the membership seemed deeply divided by the accusations against him. The board appointed a subcommittee to look into the logistics of running a special meeting with a global membership. The organization had finally decided on a format and a mechanism for conducting the polling, but this action has resulted in the board cancelling the meeting.

Tobi Saulnier, Chair of the IGDA Board of Directors
Tobi Saulnier, Chair of the IGDA Board

In other IGDA board news, Bob Bates has resigned as co-chair of the IGDA board to pursue what he calls "a dream project". He was a board member for over six years with the organization and served in several capacities. His duties will be taken over by the chair of the IGDA, Tobi Saulnier. Details are currently unavailable about his new project, but it will be interesting to see what happens as a result.

The board's recent actions and that of Dr. Langdell should work to strengthen the organization. The board, despite its initial reluctance to address the concerns of its membership, did act quickly to create the process and the infrastructure to support this kind of request in the future. Had the issue gone to the special meeting, it is likely that it would have divided the membership more deeply and the organization may have faltered completely. With Dr. Langdell's resignation, that outcome is avoided. The big question moving forward will be whether it can continue to serve the needs of game developers and fulfill its charter.

 For more info: See the IGDA website announcements about Dr. Langdell and Bob Bates.