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IFFLA offers something different for L.A. moviegoers


Dancers at last year's festival in the Arclight Hollywood's courtyard.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Residents of Los Angeles can find an unexpected treat at the 8th annual Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles. Conveniently located at the Arclight in Hollywood, the festival attracts a great deal of attention quite frankly because it's so hard to miss. With a host of musical programs including Indian dancing and DJs in the Arclight courtyard, the festival proves itself to be one of the most lively and energetic film festivals in the L.A. area. It also happens to have some pretty cool movies

One of the highlights of the festival every year is that the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles displays a real variety of films. Over this weekend, festival goers can choose everything from Bollywood comedies like 3 Idiots to documentaries like Babies Made In India which takes a looking at the growing use of Indian women for surrogates.  For those interested in international cinema, the Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles can be a great opportunity.

For more info: This year's festival runs through April 25th. Tickets can be bought online.


  • Davide Ianni 4 years ago

    Hello Lydia!
    I'm working for an Italian director who made a movie about Guinea, and we're looking for worldwide distributors...
    I somehow ended up on fierce's website and saw you have my same name!
    It's dumb, but how cool is that!? :D

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