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iFetch, play fetch without leaving the couch

iFetch, playing catch any time of the day-slide0

After a long, tiring day the couch can be calling your name. Unfortunately, your four-legged best friend wants to play. Throwing the ball in the backyard brings your adorable pooch great joy. But, you want to sit and relax without throwing the slobber ball all around the backyard. iFetch is the solution to make both the pooch and the couch potato jump for joy.

iFetch, on demand catch for dogs

iFetch is the automatic ball launcher for energetic dogs. This device makes the game of catch an activity that your dog can do on his own. Using either batteries or plugged into the wall, the iFetch can launch specially designed balls for the dog to catch. With three distance settings, 10 feet, 20 feet, or 30 feet, your dog can be active all the time.

The key to this device is training the dog to use the it. The company provides some training videos and suggestions to get the process going. By using treats and positive re-enforcement, the training is rather simple. The device works by having the dog drop the ball into the iFetch. The ball then shoots out the other end. While every dog is different, training can be done in a relatively short period of time.With continual reinforcement, the iFetch is ready to play when your dog wants it.

The iFetch does require special small balls. Regular size tennis balls are too large for the device. These smaller balls work best with smaller dogs. The device comes with three balls. Additional balls can be purchased. While not currently available, the company is working on a larger version for larger breeds.

While every dog is different, some dogs tend to slobber considerably. Slobber build up on the balls can cause decrease performance. If your dog slobbers considerably, the balls should be cleaned or replaced periodically to ensure optimum performance.

Also, if young children are in the household, check the machine for other objects that might mistakenly be dropped into it. Only the small balls should be used in the device.

iFetch retails for $99.95. It can be purchased online at

Give your dog the chance to play catch when he wants. iFetch is the on demand catch device that keeps your dog happy.

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