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Ife Thomas
Ife Thomas
Ife Thomas

IFE DOES IT by Olusheyi A. Banjo
Ife Thomas is a rare kind of diva, yet she is also a study in contrasts.She is beautiful,yet intellegent,fiery yet sweet.Determined to make her way in the music world,yet classy in attitude and demenor. Add to that that she can sing and write without the help of an auto tune device.Those points are made evident on her new 5 song EP titled "CRESCENDO."

According to Ife,she has always wanted to be a writer.She began writing and singing at a very young age."For as long as I can remember,I have always wanted to use the creative gift that God has given me.It makes me feel wonderful to use it and I appreciate it everyday."

The Seattle native began to study Journalism at American University in Washington, D.C during her senior year she went abroad in London, while she was there, she started really writing songs. "I'd written songs before growing up, but nothing serious."

While she was in London, she did an internship at Broadcast magazine, which was the equivalent to a Billboard Magazine in the UK. "I had a cool experience there."

Upon her graduation from the Univery in London, Ife  returned to the US and recieved a freelance feature entertainment writer position and  was a music editor of an online magazine.

Ife shared with us that always wanted she always wanted to pursue a musical career, but she made a decision that upon graduating from college she would pursue the dream. That's when Ife decided to move to Los Angeles.

She began to do shows  in Los Angeles and recieved positive feedback, which resulted in her recording her 5 song EP "CRESCENDO"

The EP features the wonderful song and Q directed video "Aim To Please" which features actor Jensen Atwood playing her love interest .Ife states "The reason that I chose to title the EP "CRESCENDO," it is a musical word that means sound that keeps building and building until it hits a plateau.That is what I feel that my career is doing.It is building up until it reaches gastronomical proportions."

Ife has made various appearances to promote the EP which included an appearance on LA's 102.3 KJLH's "Soul Sessions" with host Kevin Nash."I enjoyed that experience." Ife says.

She also plans on doing an international promotional tour which will include a stop in London,where she she started songwriting.She also plans to finish her full length CD by the spring of 2010.

Ife has been cast in the Will Smith and Jada Pinkett produced play "The Women of Stonebridge Manor," which will begin it's run this spring."I am so excited to be apart of this wonderful play.It is a solid story with an incredible cast. The story is about rich women of color and what they go through.I guarantee that people will love this play."stated Ife

Ife offers the following advice "Before you begin your journey in the music,you should first do research.Pick up a music business book and study as much as you can. Also you should learn to play an instrument as well.It is always good to have a support team to help and guide you.Above all,keep your creative energy up and going.It is very important to do that."

Ife's music can be heard and bought via her website and as well as or

Ife offers this final thought, "My music is about love and I want the want people who listen to it to feel that love.I also want to influence younger people as well.If I can influence a small framed black young lady or any young lady to reach and achieve their goal,then I have done what I have set out to do."



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