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If your guy tweets a lot he probably cheats a lot!

So let's get this straight first, when it comes to dating, it is not necessarily the people on Twitter that are causing the trouble for you and your man- although it could be. Apparently, men who tweet a lot are even more distracted than those that do not- even more than those who use FB or Four Square or any other social outlet. They are tech savvy guys, who, sorry guys, were already difficult to communicate with before. It is easier for them to communicate through an electronic component than in person. You all know this guy, the one who always text you instead of calling but some fell for for it anyway. Thats this guy. So even more distracted, at least in my book, means non-existent, and we don't like that, but worse, it means that you are giving your heart, feelings and thoughts to someoneone or many someone else's and that can only spell TROUBLE.