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If your flight was one of the 3,621 canceled today read this, it might help

Okay get over it. You can’t change Mother Nature, it’s her, nature. So if you’re one of the many travelers whose 3,621 flights have been canceled or delayed due to the stormy weather overpowering much of the US, here are 10 diversions to well, get over it:

New York digging out of the snow, lots of flights canceled from JFK
Photo by Yana Paskova/Getty Images
  1. Read a book. Yes get yourself a hardcover book at the airport shop and sit down and enjoy. A little old-fashioned but it will use up time, educate and entertain.
  2. Get a drink. Well, you probably knew that already, head over to the nearest bar and sip some wine or your favorite beverage, but don’t overdo it and board the plane drunk because they could toss you off, hopefully before the plane takes off.
  3. Leave the airport and head for the nearest hotel with a spa and get a massage or a mani/pedi or something. Just look for hotel shuttles outside the terminal, hop on one and go, but check it out first to make sure they have a spa.
  4. On the same note, jump in a hotel shuttle and go to its restaurant for a nice dinner.
  5. Catch up on phone calls. No texts or emails, but actually dial a number to check in with your parents, aunt, grandparents, old friends or someone else you’ve neglected because you just don’t have the time anymore to talk on the phone when it’s so much easier to text or email.
  6. Get some exercise. Walk around the airport, if there are steps climb up and down a few times and get your heart pumping (doctor approved only).
  7. Play a game like guessing what fellow strandees do for a living, you probably won’t learn the answers but it will be fun.
  8. If you have a laptop start writing a short story, novel , resume or biography, just for fun. Or you can also type out your New Year’s resolutions and mark those that you’ve actually made an attempt to follow.
  9. Okay we’ve been avoiding the obvious, play games on the Internet or surf the web for interesting stories such as those that appear on
  10. Start composing next year’s Christmas card/shopping list so you don’t get as far behind as you did this year.

Safe travels my friends.

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