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If You Wish to Commit Suicide, Minnesota is your State

Minnesota law
jodi emmer

There is no law that prevents someone from encouraging or advising someone to commit suicide.

In an article written by Joe Palazzolo of The Wall Street Journal entitled” Advising suicide is no crime, court rules” William Francis Melchert-Dinkel is protected under Minnesota State law protecting his free speech to advise anyone of committing suicide.

William Dinkel may be prosecuted for assisting in the suicide but not for encouraging, advising or speaking about taking those actions.

This is a man who posed online as a depressed nurse, attempting to build bonds with other members of the website in order to gain access and leverage into another person’s personal pain. He not only pressed the issue with some of the people he bonded with but got them to engage in their suicidal fantasies and allowed him to watch their suicidal hangings via website.
His sentence was a year in prison in 2011 for the two people he advised to participate in webcam suicides in 2005 and 2008.

Certain speech is beyond First Amendment protection, such as incitement of a violation of the law. The court rejected the contention Mr. Melchert –Dinkel’s words fit those exceptions. Suicide isn’t illegal in Minnesota, so his speech couldn’t have incited a crime.”

If you wish to go around the law as an aging person in pain and you wish to commit suicide, come to Minnesota.

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