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If you want to talk to a missionary

Asbury GIC 2008
Asbury GIC 2008
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Have you ever wanted to talk to a missionary? Have you felt that God was calling you to be a missionary but did not know how to go about becoming one? Well now you have an opportunity to talk to over 20 missionaries from various mission fields throughout the world including the United States. From February 24, 2010 to February 28, 2010 Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison will be hosting what they call their Global Impact Celebration (GIC). During GIC there will be more than 20 missionaries who will be leading workshops, answering questions, and participating in a variety of activities. There will be two lead speakers:
(1) Leonard Sweet who is the E. Stanley Jones Chair of Evangelism. He is a past (1995-2001) Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Theological School at Drew University, Madison, NJ. He is also a visiting Distinguished Professor at George Fox University in Portland, OR and President Emeritus of United Theological Seminary. Mr. Sweet is also a weekly contributor to the online preaching resources at and is the author of more than 200 articles, 1,200 published sermons, and almost 40 books.

(2) Marilee Pierce Dunker who is the daughter of World Vision Founder, Bob Pierce, and was exposed at an early age to the desperate needs of the world’s poor. She speaks passionately about the impact of AIDS and poverty on the world’s children, she also paints a picture of hope and shares how easy it is to make a different. Marilee has authored four books, she is a sought after public speaker and hosts her own radio talk show.

Here is a list of other visiting missionaries who will conduct workshops at Asbury and the location of their missionary work.

Melvin Allen – Founder of Battlefield Ministries

Neil Anderson – a Wycliffe associate serving in Papua New Guinea with the Folopa tribe

Jimmy Aycock – Senior Associate Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church who has made several mission trips to various parts of the world to include Costa Rica, Honduras, and Peru

David Brickner – Executive Director of Jews for Jesus

Dr. Roman Cruz – a medical missionary in Honduras

Carlos Cunningham – leader of Voz de Liberdad, a prison ministry in Costa Rica (see earlier article on Prison Ministry)

Elaine Dickson – Director of Christian Women’s Job Corp of Madison County

Tom Duley – Executive Director of Urban Ministries, Inc. in Birmingham, AL

Thom Ewing – General Manager of WAY-FM Christian Radio Station broadcasting in Huntsville, Madison, and the surrounding communities.

Wes Griffin – Co-founder of International Leadership Institute which trains missionaries

Arthur Ivey – Field Coordinator for the Mission Society in Peru

Gayla Kidd – has 30 years of experience working with non-profit organizations mostly with domestic violence and child abuse.

Rev. Matt Lacey, Director of Mission and Advocacy for United Methodist Church’s North Alabama Conference of which Asbury is a part.

Donna Landers – Executive Director of Choose Life of North Alabama, Inc.

Gary & Suzanne Loggins – Mission Society missionaries serving orphans in Costa Rica.

Saji Lukos – Founder of Reaching Indian Ministries International, known as Mission India in India

Julius Makathimo – District Superintendent of Methodist Church in Kenya

Florence Muindi – founder and president of Life in Abundance International who has served as a medical missionary in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Sudan

Mike Mozley – Ghana, West Africa Mission Society’s Regional Coordinator for Africa

Jan Niel – Prayer Ministries Director at Frazer United Methodist Church, and board member of the Montgomery House of Prayer and Worship

Steve Nickel – Senior Gift Planning Counsel with Samaritan’s Purse of Boone, North Carolina

Benny Proffitt started First Priority which is a ministry that provides training for adult coaches of student-initiated and student-led forums in local schools

Tanya Rains – Ministry Center Coordinator of Upper Sand Mountain Parrish (see earlier article on Upper Sand Mountain Parrish)

Bess Russell – RN serving the Mission Society in Upper West Region of Ghana West Africa

John Ryberg – works with prison ministry both at Limestone Capshaw Correctional Facilities and with Voz de Liberdad in Costa Rica, and is an Associate Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church (see earlier article on prision ministry)

Stan Self – Senior Director of Church Ministry, with Mission Society ministry operations

Hugh & Donna Smith – work as volunteers for The Voice of the Martyrs the magazine of the persecuted church all over the world

Terry & Carla Smith – Wycliffe Bible Translators for over 23 years with the Quechua Panao people of Peru

Bryan & Beth Tatum – new missionaries from Madison, AL who are now serving with the Mission Society as missionaries to orphans in Costa Rica.

Terry Teykl – author who has written several books on prayer

Moises Vega – works with e3 Partners as National Director of Panama and has worked with Guaymi and Teribe people.

Mike & Mary Wagner – worked with e3 Partners in the development of, and teaching of evangelical tools such as the Evangecube

Alan Weatherly – Senior Pastor at Asbury United Methodist Church who has made a number of mission trips to various areas of the world to include Costa Rica and Peru.

Kristen Webb – Northern Regional Director of the United Methodist Children ‘s Home in Alabama

Darrell Whiteman – Resident Missiologist at the Mission Society with nine years work in the mission field and a college professor for 21 years.

Marcos Wittig – Mdiv. With OMS International teaching at the Biblical Seminary of Columbia in Medellin.

Ray Zirkel – Missionary with the Methodist Church in Costa Rica and also seminary professor and President of the Board with the Methodist School

Some join in the workshops and activities that will be a part of GIC at Asbury. To learn more go to For $25 you can attend several of the workshops and this cost also includes lunch for both days of the workshops. All other activities are free.



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