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You want to become a citizen in New Jersey town, you better hear a prayer first

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Carteret, N.J. Mayor Daniel Reiman believes if you are going to become a newly minted citizen of the United Stated, you better hear a prayer. Now, it might be a non-denominational prayer, but it better be a prayer.

At least if you become a citizen in Carteret. The mayor turned down an opportunity for the town and its' city hall to host a ceremony conducted by the U.S. Custom and Immigration Service.

Amazingly he is getting quite a bit of support, by people who wouldn't be even attending the ceremony. The citizenship ceremony is for the people becoming citizens, and their family and friends.

Some of those new American citizens might not even believe in a god. Some of them might be fleeing nations where the government and religion are one and the same, is this the way to start them off as new Americans, by a prayer?

People shouldn't be required to attend a prayer, period, to become a citizen. Then it becomes a religious test, something expressly prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.

Groups such as Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and Freedom from Religion Foundation work to ensure that the government is not promoting and endorsing religion. Check them out and think about becoming a member.