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If you want to be happy money is good, just not too much of it.

If you want to be happy money is good, just not too much of it.

We've all heard and accepted that "money can't buy happiness." However, we must not really believe it because most of us would gladly accept a ton of money if it was dumped in our laps. Ryan Sager, writing for SmartMoney (Seeking Happiness? Avoid Piles of Money) adds fuel to the money-doesn't-buy-happiness fire.

Apparently a team of researchers in Belgium and Canada did a survey to try to learn more about the link between money and happiness. They found that more wealthy people were less able to enjoy the everyday pleasures of life -- in this case, eating chocolate -- than the less wealthy.

Now here's a surprise -- even showing people a pile of money without even giving it to them made them less able to enjoy the chocolate.

Sager concludes, "It’s a disturbing thought that getting what we want makes us less able to enjoy it. And, yet, over and over again, that’s the pattern we see in human happiness. We get more money, but then we get acclimated to it, and it doesn’t make us happy anymore. We buy a fancy watch, but the guy next door buys a fancier one, and so it doesn’t make us happy anymore. We reach one plateau, but now an even higher one towers over us."

So, by all means, work hard and accumulate all the money you can. Money is very useful. But also be grateful for what you have. And you won't miss out on a baby's smile while you're eating chocolate and enjoying a beautiful sunset.

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