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If you're single and kinda ugly, then read this...

Mark Aguirre
Killer Confidence Specialist
Mark Aguirre Killer Confidence Specialist

OK, I agree........guys with good looks and money definitely attract more women than the average dude...

BUT, the good news is if you know and master the correct seduction skills, even if you are not half as handsome or as wealthy, you can still make girls swoon over you.....and this is NO JOKE. It is SO true. I, myself, am not rich, but the social skills that I have mastered are absolutely PRICELESS.

Why is this so? There are many male attributes that most women admire much more than good looks and money. In fact, LOOKS are ranked around #5 on their ACTUAL "WANT" list. YES, that is correct my friends!

Believe it or not, money and good looks are usually the root of shyness along with the lack of confidence in most men. Wealthy men actually think that they are not wealthy or good looking enough to date beautiful women. This phenomena is similar in women too: the more beautiful a woman is, the less confidence she seems to be. Perhaps it is because there is always someone MORE beautiful than her...and it keeps her insecure about her own looks.

Popular media seems to support this notion about men too. It is the reason why so many men are misled into thinking that unless you have Brad Pitt's handsome features or Bill Gates' fortune, models are completely out of their dating game.

Well, we've heard the old adage: If you believe that women like this are out of your league, then you are correct in your belief....If you believe that they are within reach, then you are, again, also correct! Your pick.

Try this experiment. Have a good look at the people around you and you will observe that there are gorgeous women dating men who are very good looking. You will also notice beautiful women with men who are NOT so handsome either. You will see beauties with men who drive BMWs and Mercedes AND you will see these beauties with very average guys who can't even afford a car!

So what does that tell you? What REALLY makes these men so successful with gorgeous women regardless of their wealth and looks? What does this simple observation say about YOU and how YOU are already PRE-programmed to think?

Liste....YOU stand as good a chance as any(or even better) over those who have a little bit of an edge because of their wealth and good looks.

The BOTTOM LINE: KNOWING HOW THEY DID IT IS THE SIMPLE KEY. LEARNING what they know is the KEY. It's no different than learning a trade in order to make it's time to learn a NEW trade! Don't make this harder than it is.

Here are 3 important factors that will help you become more desirable and irresistible to women.

a) What you want in a women is EXACTLY what YOU should become yourself. It's not about learning bizarre come-ons, one-liners, cheesy flirtation tricks or the like. It is about starting out with making YOU into the person that YOU are trying to attract.


It's simple: Educate yourself, then go out in the field and practice.

If you want to learn how to master anything in life, you MUST educate yourself and practice. It is that simple. You did it for your profession, right? So why aren't you doing it for something that is FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR JOB?

95% of people stop educating themselves after college. They have now become comfortable. Comfort is deadly. Comfort means that you are guilty of the same old BS: the expensive drinks, the nights out with same old agenda, the beer and dinner expenses, the cover charges and the expensive cars and clothes....IT ISN'T WORKING. Have you figured that out yet? You are too comfortable.

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Education builds confidence.

b)Confidence - If there is anything a woman admires more in a man is his self confidence. Confidence has an amazing effect on women. Confidence is your ability to attract and interact with ANYBODY...and that includes beautiful women.

Your interaction with any beautiful woman is a two way street. Sure, you want to impress them, BUT you then LOSE yourself and FORGET that THEY need to impress you too! A beautiful woman is just a person who has the same insecurities as YOU do....just in a different package and your skill set to implement this form of confidence and power will change your life.

Confidence is a very potent weapon. So, how do you show confidence when you are not?

Simple, educate yourself on WHAT makes people attracted to others..... and duplicate it. The words, the stories, the passions and exciting experiences that you share must be created first. Learn what it takes to make people feel good about themselves, what makes them smile? What makes them want to engage in conversation with YOU...and then do it without expectations....with a POKER FACE.

c)Social Skills (ie: social dynamics, soft skills) - Your social skills are absolutely CRITICAL to learn and master. This is an absolute MUST in order to establish dominance, leadership, passion and direction in your persona so as to build likability, comfort and familiarity with those that you want to meet.


You already know the answer.

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Until next time....

Mark Aguirre

Killer Confidence Specialist


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