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If you're a computer hacker, Tesla wants you!

Tesla is calling on hackers to ensure a secure experience
Tesla is calling on hackers to ensure a secure experience

We hear stories on the news about hackers getting into a store's database and stealing a customer's credit card information. We hear stories from citizens all over who reported that their bank account was hacked into. We also hear about unknown and unapproved charges on a person's credit card due to a hacker obtaining their card number. Hackers are seen in a negative light, and this opinion is mostly well earned. One automaker is giving those people an opportunity to use their skills for good.

Tesla's Model S vehicle is so connected to the internet that owners are able to control functions from their smartphone. This car also has the ability to receive software updates through it's wireless capabilities.

With all this convenience comes possible security issues. Tesla wants to be sure that owners are able to have all of these functions without the possibility of theft, whether with the car or their information.

Car and driver reports that Tesla announced their intentions to hire hackers at the Def Con conference in Las Vegas. They would like to hire a team of 20 to 30 hackers to try to find potential issues with their security. They were already able to patch a security issue with the assistance of an outside hacker.

Tesla did not confirm whether they had hired anybody from Def Con.

Rest assured that if you buy this vehicle, many man hours went into assuring that you were able to use the internet capabilities safely.

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