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If you own a business, you should be blogging


It is very rare these days for a business not to have a blog attached to their business website. Companies such as Google, business bloggingHewlett Packard, and Microsoft have business blogs. Consumers like to keep up to date with what is going on within the companies that they choose to do business. Business blogging has become a very viable part of owning and operating a business. If you own a business, you should be blogging to keep your clients up to date on the latest happenings within your company.

Business blogging encourages interaction and helps promote your products and business offerings. Blogging is also another form of marketing for your business. Do you have a new product that you’re launching and want to get a little feedback on what your clients are looking for before you launch your product; blog about it and encourage your readers to give you feedback.

Helpful Hints

Word of mouth advertising
Tell people how to find your blog. Add the URL to your email signature and any outgoing correspondence.

Keep it professional
Remember it’s a business blog and not a personal blog; be careful what you post and only post topics related to your target audience or niche.

Encourage interaction
Ask for feedback when you post something new on your business blog. Encourage readers to post their comments or suggestions.

Make it visually appealing
Add images whenever possible; photos and graphics are pleasing to the eye and will add some color and flair to your blog posts.

Be consistent with your blog posts
Post often, there is nothing worse than a business blog that has outdated or stale information.

Remember your blog is an extension of you and your business. Do not put anything in your blog that you would not be proud of.