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If you need help keep your resolution for weight loss, try adding Whole Foods to your life

One of the most popular resolutions for each New Year holiday is weight loss.  While dieting is looked highly upon, I hate the four letter word, diet, taken at face-value.  I heard once that almost every four letter word is negative (besides love, and that is controversial for some), and "diet" is one of them.  I don't like the word because it makes people feel like they need to deprive themselves of certain foods, habits, etc.  If you want to lose weight, get healthy, and the like, that is wonderful; however, instead of dieting be more watchful/observant of what you eat instead.  How is this possible in our busy life, Birmingham? Go to Whole Foods to pick up your lunch/supper/groceries instead of the first drive-thru that comes your way.

Whole Foods is a grocery chain that carries fresh, organic items for a relatively in-expensive cost. If you want to buy organic items for home preparation, this is the place to go. In addition, they have a multitude of food selections in the store already prepared for you to eat.  You can find anything you would like to eat in their prepared foods section, and it ranges from fish to BBQ to produce to dessert. 

Whole Foods is located at 3100 Cahaba Village Plaza.  You can visit the Whole Foods website for phone and store information.  Try it out to help you in your resolution; you don't need to diet, just select fresh food choices.


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