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If You Missed Seinfeld, Buy SoupMan Instead!

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For those fans of the hit series "Seinfeld" who have missed the appearances of comedian Jerry Seinfeld, buying the stock of SoupMan (OTC: SOUP) could be even more rewarding.

SoupMan is a publicly traded company: its product is the soup from the legendary "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld. As an icon of New York City, it was just invited to participate in the Super Bowl activities. That was invaluable for the company as it put it before a very appealing audience in a rarified setting.

That is hardly the first honor for SoupMan, however.

Zagat has rated it the best tasting soup. A New York Times article described it as, "Art, not soup." Positive reviews like that are legion.

But investors do not buy stocks for sentimental reasons or to honor a food reviewer: shares are bought to make money.

That is happening with SoupMan. According to Yahoo Finance, quarterly revenues are increasing by a rate of 39.40 percent. The company has also posted a gross profit. Those are bullish indicators for a small cap.

There are other promising signs, too.

SoupMan is increasing the number of Soup Mobiles. Those will allow for the company to profit from the growing demand for foods of a high quality from trucks. That results from the urbanization movement in the United States. The Soup Mobiles will allow for the brand of the company to be greatly increased.

There are many soups that could have been asked to participate in the Super Bowl events.

But SoupMan was the company to receive that honor. Investors should check out the stock as it has very compelling features. Investing in SoupMan is an excellent way to gain from being a fan of "Seinfeld."



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