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If you missed Brand New the first time around


Brand New, Photo by Alexa Lambros

Brand New has been one of the busiest bands in recent months. Appearing recently in Detroit at the Magic Stick on July 8th, Detroiters will get another chance to see the NY based alternative rockers on October 2 at the Fillmore Detroit.They are touring on their latest album release titled Daisy which hit the shelves on September 22.

 The critically acclaimed Brand New began as just another pop punk band emerging onto the scene in 2000. Although a cut above many of the bands within the vein, they received the bulk of their recognition after their third album titled The Devil and God are Raging Inside MeIt was this album that established Brand New as an emerging and constantly growing artist, offering listeners a more mature sound while keeping a tinge of pop punk and emotional hardcore.

 Frontman Jesse Lacy explains that the newest release Daisy is tailored toward energetic live performances instead of recorded music. It also leaves listeners with a shroud of uncertainty as to whether or not Brand New will be around for much longer. In a recent interview with UK music magazine Kerrang!, Lacy is quoted as saying:

 "It's a pretty exhausting record. It's quite dense and I think some of the decisions we made don't always go in the most obvious direction. We were thinking a lot more about what we'd want to play when we were up onstage rather than actually what you'd want to hear on a record." He then questioned the future of the band, saying, "I think a lot of the record is about us trying to make decisions about how long the band should go on. When I listened back to it, I realized how many songs are about something coming to a close, or knowing when it's time to put something away and move on."

 Regardless of what the future holds for Brand New, Daisy has received relatively good reviews including a 4/5 from Spin Magazine. A band on a timeline of progression and maturity has not yet declined in their ability to put out music that both fans and critics find appealing.

 Don't miss what might be your last chance to see one of the most prolific artists in pop punk and alternative on October 2 with guests the Manchester Orchestra and Sybris; tickets are $23.25 a piece.


  • Brian Rutherford 5 years ago

    Everyone around here appreciates Brand New, this is odd! Still not sure how they don't "test well". I will be shouting proud less than seven days from now, seeing them for the first time.