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If you liked teaching so much, why did you leave the classroom

If you weren’t good at teaching what made you think that you would be a good administrator?

Why did you forget what it is like to teach 5 minutes after you left the classroom?

Teachers seek a way out of the classrooms. They become coordinators, then assistant principals, and then principals.

Once they become principals they never want to go back in a classroom even to replace a teacher for a few minutes. They find someone to cover the class. Assistant principals feel the same way and only cover classes if there is no one else.

LAUSD principals seek a way out of the schools. They become district administrators with offices away from the schools. They only go back to schools when they have to and only then to visit a few selected classes. After a short visit, they claim that their time and work are pressing and they hurry away from the schools.

These district administrators have a great influence on the decisions made by the Board of Education and the various Superintendents who never visit the schools and in the case of the school board members may not be educators.

So, teachers who worked the system to get out of the classroom, to become administrators, to leave the schools for jobs at the headquarters have a huge say in the education of the students.

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