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If you like your climate...

Paul Taylor

President Barack Obama is now famous – if not infamous – for rhetorical illusion. He comes off as a partisan and petulant political pundit rather than a principled president. He and his insurgent progressives have finally over drawn on their indulgent progressive media’s trust accounts.

Every issue that might reflect badly upon Obama’s regime finds him pleading bewildered ignorance – Benghazi slaughters, NSA surveillance, IRS scandals, Mexican gun running, Justice Department biases, and lately, the Obama Care legacy launch and lie that “if you like your health insurance, premiums and doctor, you can keep them.” Obama is the illusive, “Houdini” political escape artist; surviving on plausible deniability of involvement while posing in empty “taking responsibility” rhetoric.

The utopians that populate the Obama Administration have sold America on a deluge of theories for government good intentions, but leave us with the chaos of unintended consequences – stagnated economy, unprecedented racial and social division, lost international leadership, populist promises un-kept. The recent decades of progressive government mandates have sought to grow government to today’s breaking point – regulatory mandate upon regulatory mandate such that no entity could understand, much less enforce or benefit from, the tangle of out-of-control government.

The fraud in Obama Care was the unreported insurance coverage mandate that now leaves millions of Americans and businesses without health insurance. Central government mandates in other areas such as finance, labor, energy and environmental controls all have unintended, and often unreported, sweeping negative consequences.

The cumulative impacts of union labor benefits, environmental controls and bloated government mandates made U.S. manufacturing uncompetitive with global companies – the failed city of Detroit, Michigan is a vivid example.

Obama’s activist EPA has mandated climate-carbon pollution standards for coal-fired electric power plants. Today’s coal-fired power plants emit twice the new EPA air pollution standard. Thus, the economic impacts of these new EPA mandates are: 1) all existing coal-fired power plants would be phased out through the year 2020, risking national power shortages; 2) no single, or combination of, so-called green renewable energy alternatives can replace the loss of coal-fired plant electric power; 3) under the new EPA mandates no conventional coal-fired power plant would be feasible to operate after 2012; and 4) as many as 887,000 coal-related jobs would be lost each year in the U.S. according to a National Economic Research Associates report of Oct. 26, 2012.

If you like your electric power (and climate)… you cannot keep it.

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