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If you have multiple dogs, how many are too many??

Alright, there are three dogs too many in this clan!!!
Alright, there are three dogs too many in this clan!!!

I am sure you have heard the numerous reports of animal hoarding; situations where people often take in more pets than they can care for. Many times it can be an illness that leads to the hoarding or an outright love for animals where the owner “bites off more than he/she can chew” with an over abundance of animals . As an animimal lover, your heart is open to their needs and well-being but must understand there are other organizations like your local Rockford-area ASPCA as listed below or one closest to your home that ensures their proper care.

Dogs are not stationary objects in a home; they require food, exercise, medical care and more that can be quite costly and take a great deal of responsibility. Many homes consists of multiple pets but one may wonder, how many dogs are too many? Afterall, there are so many animals out there without loving homes and families. When you see a precious puppy picture, especially one in need, your heart must melt and you want to bring it home.

Dogs have such a way to get deep down in our souls and want so much to please their humans. Problem is, we can’t take them all in without getting trapped into animal hoarding situation which is unhealthy for yourself and the dog. You quickly become financially strapped along with putting a strain on your physical and emotional well-being.

There are many factors to consider in regards to how many dogs are too many. To begin with, you must consider the needs of each dog. Caring for a dog includes not only the material needs such as the bed, toys, blankets, food and water dishes, a good nutritional diet and treats, just to name a few of the necessities. You must also consider the health needs of each pet individually and all the associated costs.

Bringing several dogs together in the same household can present its own challenges. Some dogs just love an environment with other dogs whereas others prefer to be an only pet. Taking in a number of dogs that are aggressive towards one another can reap havoc for you and the family. You are not only putting each dog in danger, the family is in jeopardy as well.

Certain codes exist in specific areas across the country, so it is always wise to speak with your local city officials as to how many pets you are allowed to have. Each area has a different ordinance as to how many pets are allowed. Some may allow from one to three dogs per household whereas other areas may have no limit.

How many dogs you choose to care for depends on you, your time and energies to provide all the needs and necessities of each individual animal. One person may not be able to tolerate the excessive barking and be able to give individual love and attention to several dogs whereas another person may find this not a problem. Just remember that, if you cannot give equal amounts of love and attention to all your dogs without falling into emotional and financial distress, maybe you do have too many dogs.

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