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If you find yourself in need of a culturally rich event in Grand Rapids, look no further

Grand Rapids at night
Grand Rapids at night

Often times a lot of people assume that there is little culture in smaller sized cities, and they believe that there is not much going to participate in, for the same reason. However with a little exploration, one might be surprised at the cultural festivals and other events happening around their area. More relevantly, what is going on around Grand Rapids?

Upon a simple Google search into Grand Rapids cultural events, one might discover the Legacy/Women’s History Calendar of Events. This celebration begins on March 1st, and will continue until August 31st. The event will display all sorts of different aspects of women’s culture, on a day-to-day basis.
To begin with, there will be an exhibit the first day in dedication to the women of Grand Rapids. The exhibit  will be displayed at the Grand Rapids Public Library on the fourth floor.

The second day of the festivities will include a dedication to the fifty most influential women in Western Michigan. A luncheon will be provided for paying guests, as well as the chance to see a great speaker addressing Grand Rapids in correlation with women’s history.

These exciting events only cover the first two days of the festival. Over this five-month span of celebration, there will be much to see and experience. From photo essays, to women’s art, to lunches and various other activities, this will be a spring/summer to remember for those interested in women’s studies. For more information, see: