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If you believe in Obama don’t read this

President Obama could have taken a step towards freedom by not authorizing the Patriot Act that strips away our liberties. The newly proposed H.R. 3361, USA FREEDOM Act that would reform and rewrite the Patriot Act does because protecting U.S. civil liberties and our constitutional right to due process and is not up for debate. On Friday Obama made it clear that the President’s core position means that he will never change the NSA’s bulk collection programs.

Obama signs the $1.1 trillion Omnibus Spending bill increasing debt
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Those of us that know the score understand that the mainstream media’s bought and paid for by big corporations and this administration. They won’t report negative reports and facts on his performance. The fact is when he took office in 2009 the USA was between sixth and eight place on the list of economically free countries. Today we are roughly in 17th place. That is a downward spiral that was created and escalated by Obama alone; he can’t blame that on the prior administration as he has done on everything else. A matter of hours ago Obama signed the $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill increasing the nations debt with insane spending (see video).

It is the reasons behind the founding of this country as well as parameters of the Constitution that is supposed to guide us, that had us in second place in 2000. But, after Obama began his assault on our Constitution, our freedom, and our pocketbooks, the country fell hard and fast. His assault has also been constant on the moral backbone and religious freedom this country was founded on.

America was founded for one purpose. A group of people were tired of being used as cash cows by the King of England and decided that seeking freedom was worth losing everything they had. They fought to found this great republic of America and to limit government so that government did not infringe upon those freedoms, but rather made sure they were protected. Since Obama took office he is leading us backwards- back towards a big controlling government, the very thing that led our Founding Fathers to rebel.

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