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If we were attacked on 9/11 because of our freedom and prosperity, Why are we still being attacked

I hear and see so many articles and stories where people are debating whether or not the government had anything to do with the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I have heard scenarios about the government knowing what was going to happen and just allowed it to happen in order to create fear within the American public. Now why would the government want their citizens to be afraid? I have a lot of ideas myself but the question itself is more important than my ideas. Why have we been fed fear in everything from children fairytales, school books, to religion?

I remember when President Bush was asked why he thought we were being attacked. I thought he was going to say something really technical. I was ready, I had my pen and pad and I was going to investigate everything he said. But I was short changed like every American out there. I had hopes of making this my big story and becoming like the next Ed Gordon (ok maybe that didn’t make sense) but neither did the President’s reasons for the attacks. I was thinking to myself “Because of our wealth and prosperity?” I felt like the cat on Tom and Jerry when he realized he was just played like a sucker. I had the whole moment where I felt my body turned into an actual sucker and my face was all round and dumb looking. Wait, wait…that actually is how the President looked trying to explain how two planes crashed into the World Trade Center without being shot down before they hit their targets.

The craziest thing about terrorist talk is we have not gone after the leaders of any of these groups. I know some people will say “Well we did get Sadaam Hussein.” We have to ask though, if he worked for our government and then realized they were going to double cross him and enslave his people, even more than he had already done, does that make him a terrorist? I don’t think so. I don’t think Bin Laden is a terrorist either. I think he still works for the CIA and is somewhere vacationing with Sadaam, the Bushes and the Obamas. They all probably in Hawaii right now figuring out what next celebrity scandal to feed to the public so we don’t realize we are being controlled and enslaved by the same people who are claiming to be protecting us from the boogeyman, sorry, I meant terrorist.

When I was a kid, President Reagan was telling the people we were broke but that he was creating this whole Star Wars program that would keep nuclear weapons from ever hitting our borders. This concern of being attacked by people that, supposedly, we have never done anything to has allowed the government to do whatever they want to do. He told people about his war on drugs and how he was going to rid the country of cocaine and heroin. I thought the future would be so bright we would all be flying around like the Jetsons and riding Jet packs like they were motorcycles. The present, of course is nothing like that. We came to learn he actually helped bring cocaine into Black communities. He enslaved the poor with new drug laws that would lead us to where we are now with over 50% of Black folks locked up for selling something they still don’t know where it came from. I know somewhere the real Ricky Ross is shaking his head saying, “Wow what a price to pay to be a pawn.” I know Manuel Noriega is shaking his head at how stupid the American public can be.

When I heard President Bush call Reagan a great President, I knew then we were in trouble and in a flash – the country was back to being broke and we were back into Reaganomics and the goal of the government was to scare the public. People, we are all afraid of an army of terrorist that don’t exist. Like Bradley Birkenfield when he blew the whistle on all the rich folks hiding money in Swiss bank accounts and is going to jail. He is going to jail and none of the billionaires or millionaires he testified against are going to jail, even though they committed felonies by checking a particular box on their taxes. The government even protected their identity and will not expose them. The government is sending a message to anyone who is shining a light on the boogeyman -You will go to jail if you tell on the real terrorist.

President Obama just released his counter terrorism review (view it on the Media and Video Posts page on this site) on the 12/25/09 terrorist attack and in it he was really trying to understand how we had so much information and still allowed this man to get on a plane. I am sure he has to be asking himself why we didn’t move on the Doctor in Texas at the army base when they had years of history of him talking and acting like a nut. Why would America allow planes to just fly into the twin towers? Why are we made to be so afraid? If the President doesn’t know the answers to these questions, how should you? I do know this, if you read a book called “The Fall of America” or “Behold the Pale Horse” you will understand me, terrorism, and the use of fear a whole lot better. Until Truth Prevails my eyes will be watching.

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(Photo 1 - Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images North America (, 2)&3) Photos by Richard Shabazz)


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