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If we want to stop bullying let's begin here

We decry bullying in schools but overlook the fact that it is in every day's newspapers. Here are some of today's leading stories:

  • ISIS murderers are bullying Iraq
  • Cheney bullies Obama over a difficult Iraq decision
  • Redskins bullied by the Patent office over their name
  • South Carolina DMV bullies young male into removing makeup
  • Bosses bully employees in bad jobs by paying them poorly
  • parents bully babies by piercing their ears
  • Navy personnel bully new recruits
  • Nuns bully strip club
  • Republicans bully Democrats and vice versa
  • Government continues to bully immigrants
  • Russia continues to bully Ukraine
  • Facebook bullying questioned
  • Mob attacks and bullies driver
  • Calls for a law to outlaw bullying

If we want to stop bullying let's begin here.

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