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If Taliban return to battle, they'll be targeted

If Taliban return to battle, they'll be targeted, and We the People approved this:

Taliban in Qatar, just match the suspect with the picture
Jangir/AFP/Getty Images
  1. President Obama can negotiate with terrorists to obtain the return of hostages, and can do that at will when there isn’t time to comply with Congressional requirements for 30-day advance notification.
  2. If any of the “freed” Taliban five return to battle and the US gets wind of it, they will be targeted for drone strikes.

According to Secretary of State Kerry who has been missing from visible action as he was in Lebanon while ticking off Israel by accepting the joint Palestinian government, the Taliban could be drone targets.

“Taliban swapped for Bergdahl could be drone targets, Kerry indicates”

Since We the People are spending billions on drone infrastructure, we may as well use it if we have it. Given one false move and then:

  1. We have to locate the targets.
  2. We must surveil to assess collateral damage potential.
  3. We must plan the attack.
  4. We must execute the plan with precision.
  5. We must test the DNA.

“A Global Hawk costs approximately $30,000 per flight hour—on par with stealth fighter jets.
Surveillance drones operated on the U.S.-Mexican border cost between $2,500 and$3,500 per flight hour.

Each drone requires an hour of maintenance for every hour it spends in the air.

Each Predator and Reaper drone (our most common strike drones) requires a team of 180 people to operate properly.

The cost of producing a military drone ranges from $100,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Over the next decade, the Pentagon plans to spend $40 billion on medium-to-large sized drones.

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