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If stray cats could talk human language

A friend of mine called yesterday because her neighbor had found a kitten hidden under a snow shovel and crying his head off.

When she picked it up the hind leg was just hanging motionless, it looked broken. The kitten was cold, suffering and alone. Those are all good reasons for crying so loud.

I offered to take it in and at least give it some pain killer till we could go to the vet the next day.

Before my friend could get back to the lady, the lady was on her way to the spca to dump the kitten on somebodyelse's lap. The good intention must have been there but the actions did not follow.

I tried to pull the kitten out of there but to no avail. The local spca's rule is once it is there it stays there. Just to think they did not want to take it in the first place. Those humane societies have no logic and we found out with time that they are not there for the animals. Specially ours which is now an animal control pound.

So, we'll never know more about the kitten. Was it thrown out because he pied in the house ? At 6-7 months, a little male can spray and it stinks. People are not aware of it and imagine it is the animal's fault.

It was minus 30 at the time the kitten was found. If it was thrown outside with a broken leg, it is sheer cruelty and if it was thrown hard enough to break its leg, it is worst.

So, the kitten will die at the spca because of humans, bad décisions and lack of communications. I am not sure it wanted to die so young but I'm pretty sure though that the vet at the spca will not make a special effort to mend its broken leg.

The abuser will not be punished either. His problem is solved, the kitten is gone.

Make sure when you give away kittens to friends and family that these persons are reliable and will not thrown the kitten out in the harsh cold of our winter.

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