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If spouse's came with warning labels

Have you ever ended a relationship and analyzed what went wrong? Unfortunately, often times the situation is too close for us to assess what we missed when entering the relationship. Love and infatuation have a funny way of blinding our perception in relationships.

Relationship regrets are all too common after a divorce. Another negative consequence is to close down one’s heart for future relationships. The pain of a toxic relationship can keep a person single for a long time. The person wants to understand what she missed the first time, so the lesson does not have to be repeated again.

One vital warning advice is to marry a spouse who loves his work. If this trait is missing in your spouse, guess who suffers? You and your children! A side effect of this occurrence is the unhappy mate can greatly resent your passion and happiness at work. The unhappy jealous mate does not want to see you so cheery!

Many people who are cheerful souls never realize how much marrying the wrong spouse can sabotage one’s career. If you marry a person who is unhappy at work they often want company in their misery. The problem is the naive spouse is blind to their game.

Kim was extremely successful at sales. She would win awards and trips all over the globe. Her husband Robert detested being a lawyer. He was not able to pick his career due to his over bearing father funding his tuition. His father would threaten to disinherit him if he followed his heart and joined the peace core.

Robert was a miserable and unhappy soul. He took his anger and resentment out on his wife. He started to tell her she was not very educated. He went on to call her an embarrassment since she only had a bachelor’s degree.
Robert showed no respect what so ever for Kim’s career. He would ask her to please not tell his work associates what she did for a living. He said selling medical products was one step above being a used car salesperson. Next, he said,” I only dated very educated women before you.”

Kim was too sensitive and allowed these hurtful comments to change her career path. She wanted to be loved and respected by her husband. Unfortunately, Kim never realized that she had allowed his criticism to destroy a very successful career path.
A very important warning advice is to marry a person who is following one’s heart!

When one loves what they do it carries over to your relationship as well. You will not have to suffer through living with a miserable person who looks for things outside of himself to be happy.

Next, make sure you know the story of how they picked their career. If they were forced into it by a pushy parent then know you might suffer the consequences. His anger of being too weak to stand up for his dream might be aimed at you!
Do not get caught in a co-dependent relationship of trying to please your spouse and ruin your career in the process !

Love what you do!

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